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Self Improvement Speaking

As a self-improvement speaker, Amy's purpose is to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and adversity, embody integrity and determination, and work to create a better future for themselves and their communities. Amy's purpose is grounded in the values of grit, honor, and authenticity. Through music and speaking, Amy is dedicated to sharing her wisdom and life lessons to help people build a better life, free from the constraints of their environment and the generational curses of poverty. Her ability to mesmerize a crowd with her charm, humor, and transparency is unmatched by other speakers. Amy's goal is to share a message of hope to all people and help people see their own power and build a life of their dreams. By offering a variety of perspectives, Amy challenges your current mindset and thought process in order to elevate your life to make a difference, improve communities, and change lives one person at a time. 

For booking information, please contact us!



Wix Records, Jake Coldham  |, 123-456-7890



Karen Blanche  |, 123-456-7890



The Bookerz, Daniel Ku  |, 123-456-7890



That Girl Pr, Sarah Brookstone  |, 123-456-7890

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