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About Amy

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Amy Huffman is a singer, songwriter, speaker, author, and philanthropist. Her music is rooted in the sounds of country music with a twist of soul and speaks to the hearts of listeners everywhere. Her mission is to spread hope and positivity through music and speaking while encouraging people to never give up on their dreams.

After spending years in Nashville pursuing music, Amy bought into the lie that the entertainment business is only for the "20-somethings." Moving back to her hometown in North Carolina at age 30, Amy put the thought of music behind her. She focused her energy on raising a family and building a successful business with her husband. But like any truly born musician, the calling to make music never really leaves you. So after years of thinking she would never again make music, Amy is back with a vengeance and a totally different mission this time around. She is setting out to show people of all ages that your dreams never expire and there is never a time limit on sharing your soul with others. Her new motto is "Why not me and why not now?"


Amy's purpose seeks to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and adversity, embody integrity and determination, and work to create a better future for themselves and their communities. Amy's purpose is grounded in the values of grit, honor, and authenticity. Through music and speaking, Amy is dedicated to sharing resources to help people build a better life, free from the constraints of their environment and the generational curses of poverty. Amy's goal is to provide hope and opportunities to all people and help people see their own power and build the life of their dreams. By changing perspectives, elevating lives, and providing access to resources and education, Amy seeks to make a difference, improve communities, and change l"ives one person at a time. 

Music is a universal language. Music can bring people together, ease pain, and bridge the gaps of society. All music can be a source of hope and inspiration for all people, especially those facing adversity and challenges. Using the power of music, Amy hopes to empower others, inspire, and motivate people to be the creators of their own lives instead of victims of their circumstances. Music allows us to dream bigger than we are, step outside of our current challenges, and inspires us to take a path toward a brighter future. Possibly doing things we never thought we were capable of.  

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